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Serological MCQs

Serological MCQs, The common Questions and Answers in the form of Mea’s for students. Laboratory Technologists and Laboratory Technicians, BSLT, DMLT, MMIT. If you have any questions then you can Fredy ask me by contact.

Q No. 1: What does the antinuclear antibodies (ANA) test measure?


(a) Antibodies that destroy bacteria.
(b) Antibodies that destroy the body’s own cells
(c) Antibodies that destroy viruses
(D) Antibodies that destroy micro-organisms

Q No. 2: What can negatively affect the immunoglobulin test?


(a) Recent blood transfusion
(b) Radioactive scan 3 days before the test is administered
(c) Recent vaccination
(d) All of the above

Q No. 3: What happens if the ELISA test is positive?


(a) The Patient has a confirmed diagnosis of HIV
(b) The Patient has a confirmed diagnosis of AIRS
(c) A Second ELISA test is administered
(d) None of the above

Q No. 4: What does the rheumatoid factor (RF) test measure?


(a) The Presence of the autoantibody rheumatoid factor
(b) The Presence of the rheumatoid antigen
(c) The presence of the rheumatoid bacteria
(d) The Presence of the rheumatoid virus

Q No. 5: What test can be used to screen for rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?


(a) Immunoglobulin test
(b) ANA test
(c) CRP test
(C) ASO Titer

Q No. 6: What is IgM?


(a) An Immunoglobulin that crosses the Placenta
(b) An immunoglobulin found in tears
(c) An immunoglobulin found on mucous membranes
(d) An immunoglobulin that forms when an infection occurs for the first time

Q No. 7: What does the CD4+ count test measure?


(a) T cells
(b) T helper cells
(c) T-lymphocytes
(d) All of the above

Q No. 8: Why would a healthcare provider order the CD4+ count test?


(a) To access the treatment of HIV
(b) To assist in the diagnosis of AIDS
(c) to assess the patient’s immune System
(d) All of the above

Q No. 9: Why is the viral load measurement Test administered?


(a) To confirm HTV
(b) To confirm AIDS
(c) To determine if HIV RNA is decreasing stabilized or increasing
(d) None of the above

Q No. 10: What is Immunoglobulins?


(a) Antibodies by the immune system in response to the abnormal cells
(b) Antibodies by the Immune system respond to an allergen
(c) Antibodies by the immune system in response to a micro-organism
(d) All of the above

Q No. 11: The blood Ph is?


(a) 7.6
(b) 6.7
(c) 7.4
(d) 7.2

Q No. 12: Urea and Uric acid is Product of?


(a) Protein
(b) Purine
(C) Urine
(d) Protein and Purine

Q No. 13: Why the color of blood is red in humans?


(a) Due to hemoglobin
(b) Due to Iron Content
(c) Due to bilirubin
(d) Due to the Presence of carboxyl hemoglobin

Q No. 14: Which one is used to make RNA into DNA?


(a) DNase
(b) Ribonuclease
(c) RNase P
(d) Reverse transcriptase

Q No. 15: Antibody secreted by?


(a) B-cell
(b) T-cell
(c) Bone marrow
(d) Pus cell

Q No. 16: Colourless Solution is determined by?


(a) Normality
(b) Colorimeter
(c) Solvent
(d) Spectrophotometer

Q No. 17: Cell to Prevent bleedings are?


(a) WBCs
(b) Platelets
(c) Coagulation factor
(d) Mega karyoblast

Q No. 18: Moles of solute per liter of the solution?


(a) Molarity
(b) Molality
(c) Mass
(d) Normality

Q No. 19: Insulin is polymer of?


(a) Carbohydrate
(b) fat
(c) Vitamin
(d) Protein

Q No. 20: Liquid Portion of blood after forming clot is?


(a) Protein
(b) FFb
(c) Serum
(d) Plasma

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