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Common MCQs

Common MCQs, The common Questions and Answers in the form of Mea’s for students. Laboratory Technologists and Laboratory Technicians, BSLT, DMLT, MMIT. If you have any questions then you can Fredy ask me by contact.

Q No. 1: Before taking the prolactin test what must the patient do?


(a) Rest for 30 minutes
(b) Exercise for 30 minutes
(c) Avoid the sun
(d) Avoid the Alcohol

Q No. 2: Earlist Synthesized immunoglobin by the fetus is?


(a) IgA
(b) IgM
(c) IgE
(d) IgD

Q No. 3: How many days is the half-life of immunoglobulin IgM?


(a) 15
(b) 23
(c) 10
(d) 05

Q No. 4: Which of the following in the example of a flocculation test is?


(a) RPR
(b) Kahn Test
(c) VDRL
(d) All of these

Q No. 5: Washermann test used to detect?


(a) Thyphoid
(b) Syphilis
(c) Parathyroid
(d) None of the these

Q No. 6: Rose WALER test used for?


(a) Malaria
(b) Rabies
(c) Filaria
(d) Rheumatoid Arthritis

Q No. 7: A formal Gel test is also called?


(a) Dengue NS 1
(b) WIDAL test
(c) Aldehyde Test
(d) All of these

Q No. 8: What FORMAL GEL Test is used for?


(a) Kala-Azar
(b) Thyroid
(d) Typhoid

Q No. 9: Biopsy material obtained for laboratory diagnosis of KALA – AZAR?


(a) Lymph Node
(b) Sternal or Iliac Crest
(c) Spleen puncture
(d) All of these

Q No. 10: Which cell is the most potent phagocytic cell in the tissue?


(a) Neutrophil
(b) Dendritic cell
(c) Eosinophil
(d) Basophil

Q No. 11: Which of the following is a Primary lymphoid organ?


(a) Lymph node
(b) MALT
(c) Spleen
(d) Thymus

Q No. 12: What type of cells would be found in a Primary follicle?


(a) Unstimulated B Cells
(b) Germinal centers.
(C) Plasma cells
(d) Memory cells

Q No. 13: Where do lymphocytes mainly come In contact with antigens?


(a) Secondary lymphoid organs
(b) Bloodstream
(c) Bone marrow
(d) Thymus

Q No. 14: Which of the following is found on a T-cell subset known as helpers?


(a) CD 19
(b) CD 8
(c) CD 4
(d) CD 56

Q No. 15: Antigenic groups identified by different sets of antibodies reacting similarly to certain standard cell lines are best described as?


(a) Cytokines
(b) Clusters of differentiation (CD)
(c) Neutrophilic granules
(d) Oposonins

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