Total Protein TPTotal Protein TP

Total Protein TP

Total Protein TP test measure the all types of protein in the blood. There are two main types are protein found in blood are Albumin and globulin. Proteins are important for health, Protein grow the body cells and tissues. Blood contain albumin and globulin. Two Major types of Protein are

Albumin: Albumin helps prevent fluid from leaking out the blood vessels. Albumin made by liver. Albumin also helps Harmons, Vitamins, medicines and other important substance through out the body.

Globulin: Globulin is a important part of your immune system. Globulin fights the infections. Some globulin are made by liver, and other made by immune system.

Total Protein TP

Is This Have Other Name

Total Protein, TP, Albumin, Globulin

How The Test Performed

A blood sample needed, and Urine sample.

Why The Test Performed

Albumin and Globulin are two major types of protein in your body. Proteins are important to build the blocks of all cells and tissues. Proteins are necessary for your body growth, development, and health. Globulin proteins important role in your immune system. If TP is more than high for normal values than you need to have more test to look for the exact problem. Total Protein test to help the diagnose a number of health condition, kidney dieses, liver dieses, and malnutrition.

Total Protein TP

Why Need This Test

If you have symptoms.

  1. kidney dieses
  2. liver dieses
  3. fatigue
  4. edema
  5. weight loss
  6. swelling
  7. jaundice
  8. blood in urine

What Do The Result Means

The normal range is 6.0 to 8.3 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or 60 to 83 g/L. Many Medicines effect the Total Protein Results

ammonium ions
growth hormone
birth control pills

Higher-than-normal levels may be due to:

Chronic inflammation or infection, including HIV and hepatitis B or C
Multiple myeloma
Wald Enstrom disease

Lower-than-normal levels may be due to:

Bleeding (hemorrhage)
Burns (extensive)
Liver disease
Nephrotic syndrome
Protein-losing enteropathy

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