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Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion refers to giving or transfusing blood to a person. The concept of blood transfusion emerged after World War II when the need for it was felt among many wounded. When a blood transfusion is performed in different situations, the person who needs the blood is given blood from another person with the same blood group.

We will mention below when blood is needed and what should be taken care of in its death.

Need for Blood Transfusion:

  • In the event of an accident, if the blood flows excessively, the loss of blood occurs. Excessive loss of blood can be life-threatening. So in this situation blood transfusion is done to meet the immediate loss of blood in the body.
  • When a large amount of blood is lost during an operation, a blood transfusion may also be required.
  • If blood is lost during childbirth, then even in this condition blood transfusion is required to save a life.
  • If blood loss occurs due to any disease, then a blood transfusion is also required in this condition.
  • A patient with hemophilia requires a blood transfusion.
  • Sometimes the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is reduced, in this condition blood transfusion may be required.
Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion:

It is important to take care of the following things in the process of blood transfusion:

  • The most important thing is the blood group. It is very important to match the blood group of the patient for blood transfusion. His RH factor should also be the same as the blood group.
  • Give blood of the correct group and the correct RH factor.
  • A person with group A can be given the blood of groups A and O.
  • Group B can be given the blood of groups B and O.
  • Group B can be given the blood of group AB, B, A, and O.
  • Don’t give blood of the wrong group or wrong RH factor as this can cause death due to the destruction of cells in the blood.
  • Blood should be stored in a blood bank with care, any change in it can be harmful causing harm rather than a benefit.
  • For blood transfusion, use a standard bag and needle that is sterilized to draw blood from the donor.
  • Blood should be free from hepatitis and AIDS germs.
  • Do not heat the blood stored in the refrigerator for use, but change its temperature especially using hot wate.
  • When the needle is inserted for the purpose of blood transfusion, take care that the blood transfusion should be at the same speed and continuously, its speed and supply should not be obstructed. Otherwise, problems may arise.
  • Blood velocity should be determined according to the patient’s need, usually between 20 and 40. Depending on the situation, it may decrease or increase.
  • Monitor the patient periodically during the transfusion to avoid complications.
  • Before donating blood, make sure that the blood is from a healthy person and free from disease.
  • Never take blood from a sick or weak person as it can cause harm.
  • Always take blood from a dear relative, do not take blood from drug addicts and commercial blood sellers.
  • Choose an arm vein for blood transfusion In special circumstances, a leg vein may be used. In children, blood transfusion can also be done through the head vein.

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