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Q No. 1: Which test can’t Perform by Serum?


(a) Creatinine
(b) Electrolyte
(c) Uric Acid
(d) Factor Assary

Q No. 2: Unconjugated bilirubin also called a?


(9) Conjugated bilirubin
(b) Biliverdin
(c) Prehepati bilirubin
(d) Bisphasic bilirubin

Q No. 3: What is the name of the device that is used to find Hepatitis B and C?


(a) IV Method
(b) Jeff’s reaction
(c) ICT Screening method
(d) Agglutination

Q No. 4: What enzymes were found mostly in cardiac muscles?


(a) Troponin and CPK-MB
(b) CPK and creatinin phosphokinase
(c) CKB and creatinin phosphokinase
(d) CK and creatinin Phosphokinase

Q No. 5: What is done if a Patient is anxious about being placed in a CT scanner?


(a) Cancel the test
(b) Tell the patient to behave like an adult
(c) Wait for a calmer moment to administer the tat
)d) Administer a sedative Per order

Q No. 6: What does the urodynamic test measure?


(a) Assesses bladder function
(b) Assesses the urethral Pressure
(c) Assesses the Position of the Urethra
(d) None of the above

Q No. 7: Why would a Patient who is scheduled for a CT scan stop taking Glucophage?


(a) There is no need to stop taking Glucophage if contrast material is administered before the CT scan
(b) Glucophage reacts to MRI
(c) Glucophage reacts to X-rays
(d) Glucophage may react with contrast material

Q No. 8: What instructions would you give are patient who is scheduled for the renin assay test?


(a) Sit upright when blood samples are taken
(b) Ambulate for 2 hours after the first blood taken
(c) Relax 2 hours before the first blood sample is taken
(d) All of the above

Q No. 9: How does the dermabrasion improve the appearance of skin?


(a) It uses a chemical to remove the outer loyer of skin enabling new Skin to grow
(b) It remove the inner layer of skin enabling new Skin to grow
(c) It moves the outer layer of skin enabling new skin to grow
(d) All of the above

Q No. 10: What Should the Patient do before the homocysteine test?


(a) Avoid walking
(b) Avoid drinking
(c) Walk 10 blocks before the test is admitered
(d) Avoid eating and drinking except for water 12 hours before the test is administered

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