RBC and WBC Difference

RBC and WBC Difference

RBC and WBC Difference, RBC Red Blood cells, also referred to as red cells, red blood corpuscles, hematomas, erythroid cells, or erythrocytes, are the most common type of blood cells and vertebrates. WBC, white blood cells are part of the body’s immune system. They help the body fight infection and other diseases.


Fluid Connective tissue:

The function of Blood:

Oxygen and nutrients to the cells
Waste away from cells
Maintain body temperature by absorbing and distributing heat
Maintain fluid volume
Maintain pH
Prevent infection
Blood clotting
Prevents blood loss

Composition of Blood:

Blood is composed of 55% Plasma and 45%. ” formed” elements” including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

RBC and WBC Difference

Difference Between RBC and WBC:

The full form of RBC is Red Blood cells
RBCs are called Erythrocytes
The full form of WBC is white blood cells
WBCs are called Leukocyte
RBCs have a bi-concave disc shape
WBCs have an irregular shape
Oxygen transport
Help the body fight infection and other diseases
She varies from 6-8 μm in diameter
Size varies from 12-17 μm in diameter
Nucleus Presence:
RBC’s cells don’t have a nucleus on maturity
Nucleus Presence:
Presence of large central nucleus
Life Span:
The lifespan of RBC is about 120 days
Life Span:
The lifespan of WBC is around 12-20 days after that they destroyed in the lymphatic system
It appears red in color (hemoglobin)
These are colorless, (absence of Pigment)
It appears red in color (hemoglobin)
% age:
They make up around 1% of human blood
Only one type of RBC exists
Different types of WBCs are, Neutrophils, monocytes
Basophils, Eosinophils, Band cells, T-lymphocytes,
Produced in red bone marrow
Ab with the Presence of MHC and antigen cell markers. Produced in the red bone marrow,
lymph nodes
Normal RBC count in Males:
Female: 3.8-5.2 x 10x 12L
RBC Count:
RBC Count: 5 million/mm3 of blood
The normal range of WBC is
Babies: 51000 & 21,000 /mm², 3
Male/female: 4.5 to 11-0 Par μL
WBC Count:
WBC count: 7000 to 8000 mn3 of blood.
These cells move between the cardiovascular systems
These cells move between the Cardiovascular and lymphatic Systems
The formation of RBC is known as erythrocytosis
The process of formation of WBC is known as Leukopoiesis
Low count of RBCs results Anemia
Low count of WBCs results Leukopenia
RBC and WBC Difference

MCQs on Blood Composition= RBC and WBC:

Q No. 1: DNA is not present in?


(a) ✓ mature RBCs
(b) A mature spermatozoa
(C) Animal cell
(d) Human cell

Q No. 2: Globulin of the cell blood plasma are responsible?


(a) Blood Clotting
(b) Oxygen transport
(C) ✓ Defence mechanism
(d) Osmotic balance

Q No. 3: WBCs that release heparin and histamine?


(a) ✓ Besophils
(b) Neutrophils
(c) monocytes
(d) Eosinophils

Q No. 4: Find the correct statement for WBCs.?


(a) ✓ Can Squeeze through blood vessels
(b) Produced only in the mus
(c) Deficiency leads to Cancer
(d) Do not contain a nucleus

Q NO. 5: During blood coagulation, Thromboplastin is released?


(a) RBCs
(b) Blood Plasma
(C) Leucocytes
(d) ✓ Damaged tissue

Q No. 6: The Produces RBCs which transport?


(a) Liver, oxygen, mineral ions
(b) Bone marrow, oxygen, hormones
(c) ✓ Bone marrow, oxygen, CO2
(d) Liver oxygen, CO2

Q NO. 7: Is Red Pigment Present in RBCs?


(a) ✓ Haemoglobin
(b) Albumin
(c) melamine
(d) myoglobin

Q No. 8: Iron Containing Pigment of Hemoglobin?


(a) Bile
(b) ✓ Heme
(c) Globin
(d) Albumin

Q No. 9: Largest WBCs?


(a) lymphocytes
(b) Neutrophils
(C) Eosinophils
(d) ✓ Monocytes

Q No. 10: Smallest WBCs?


(a) Eosinophils
(b) ✓ Lymphocytes
(c) Monocytes
(d) Neutrophils

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