Bile Pigments

Bile Pigments

Bile Pigments, The bile pigments are formed by the decomposition of the porphyrin ring and contain a chain of four pyrrole rings. Bilirubin, for example, the brownish-yellow pigment that gives feces its characteristic color, is the end product of the breakdown of heme from destroyed red blood cells.

Fouchet’s Test:


Bile pigments absorbed on ppt of Basoy. Ferric chloride in Fouchet’s reagent oxidizes bilirubin into green biliverdin.


Bile Pigments Present.


Take 5ml of urine + 1ml MgSoy +2ml 10%.
Backe Filter and the precipitate few drops of Fouchet’s reagents.


Color changes from yellow to Pista green.

Interpretation: Hay’s Sulphur test/Fouchel’s Test:

Type of JaundiceHemolytic Jaundice Pre hapaticHepatocellular Jaundice (Hepatic)obstructive Jaundice Poste (Hepatic)
Bile saltsAbsent+++
Bile PigmentsAbsent+++++

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