White Blood CellsWhite Blood Cells

White Blood Cells (WBC)

White Blood Cells (WBC) Leucocyte Count, is a test that measure the number of white blood cells in the blood. WBCs are also called leucocytes (TLC). A complete blood count (CBC) is usually performed to check for leukocytosis. They are five major types of WBCs, They helps fight the infections and others diseases, there five types are,

  1. Neutrophils
  2. Lymphocytes (Natural killer cells, T cells, B cells)
  3. Monocytes
  4. Eosinophils
  5. Basophils
White Blood Cells

Basophils are special type of white blood cells, these cells are readily stained with basic dyes (this is where the name comes from). The dark grains inside the cellular fluid cytoplasm of the basophil. They released histamine and other chemicals that act blood on the vassals when the immune system response is triggered.

Is this test have other name

White blood cells (WBCs), Total leucocyte count (TLC)

How the test performed

A blood sample needed.

Why the test performed

You will have this test to find out how many WBCs you have. If your immune system is weakened by medicine or illness, you may also need this test to see if your white blood cell count is too low Your provider may order this test to help diagnose conditions such as:

Allergic reaction
An infection
A cancer of bone marrow
Blood cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma
Diseases of the immune system, such as HIV/AIDS
Bacterial or viral infections
Diseases of the liver or spleen

A white blood count can show if the number of your white blood cells (WBCs) is too high or too low, but it can’t confirm a diagnosis.

Results Normal Value

The normal number of WBCs in the blood is
4,000 to 11,000 per microliter (4.0 to 11.0 × 109/L)

Some labs used different measurements and different specimens.


A lower WBCs count is called leukopenia. A count less than 4,000 cells per microliter (4.0 × 109/L) is below normal.

Neutrophils are one type of WBC. They are important for fighting infections.
A lower than normal WBC count may be due to:

Bone marrow deficiency (for example, due to infection, tumor, or abnormal scarring)
Cancer treating drugs, or other medicines (see list below)
Certain autoimmune disorders such as lupus (SLE)
Disease of the liver or spleen
Radiation treatment for cancer
Certain viral illnesses, such as mononucleosis (mono)
Cancers that damage the bone marrow
Very severe bacterial infections
Severe emotional or physical stress (such as from an injury or surgery)
An ethnic/genetic trait

White Blood Cells


A Higher WBCs count is called leukocytosis. A count more than 11,000 cells per microliter (11.0 × 109/L) is high result. It may be due to:

Certain drugs or medicines
Cigarette smoking
After spleen removal surgery
Infections, most often those caused by bacteria
Inflammatory disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis or allergy)
Leukemia or Hodgkin disease
Tissue damage (burns)

White blood count results are often compared with results of other blood tests, including a blood differential. A blood differential test shows the amount of each type of white blood cell, such as neutrophils or lymphocytes. Neutrophils mostly target bacterial infections. Lymphocytes mostly target viral infections.

A higher than normal amount of neutrophils is known as neutrophilia.
A lower than normal amount is known as neutropenia.
A higher than normal amount of lymphocytes is known as lymphocytosis.
A lower normal amount is known as lymphopenia.

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