Oxygen Saturation Test Spo2Oxygen Saturation Test Spo2

Oxygen Saturation Test Spo2

Oxygen Saturation Test Spo2 A test that measures the amount of oxygen being carried by red blood cells. One method uses a device that shines light through finger. The device measures the amount of oxygen in the blood based on the way red blood cells carrying oxygen absorbed and reflect light. It is also called Arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2), if measured in arterial blood. Also called Venous oxygen Saturation (SaO2) if measured in venous blood. With the help of this parameter of arterial blood gases test, we can measures the percentage of oxygen bound hemoglobin (oxyhemoglobin) in the blood For proper functioning of body we needs certain Level of oxygen in our blood. Our body maintains healthy SPO2 levels through breathing. Oxygen saturation maybe measured with arterial blood gases through pulse oximetry.

Oxygen Saturation Test Spo2

Causes of High Oxygen Saturation:

Causes of Low Oxygen Saturation:

Normal Range of Oxygen Saturation (Spo₂):

(SpO2) oxygen Saturation (Arterial Blood): 95% to 100%

(SpO₂) oxygen saturation (Venous Blood): 70%. to 75%

Tests used include:

Pulse Oximetry Blood gas test
Long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) assessment
Hypnic challenge (fitness-to- fly test)

Oxygen Saturation Test Spo2

How to Performed Test:

Blood Sample needed.


  • Take a sample of your blood from your arm with a needle.
  • If you take any medications or supplements, Because they con effect the results. So can eating grapes, fruits at high in acid.
  • Collect the at least 2 mL of arterial blood or venous blood in heparinized Syringes, if test is or Green top tube with sodium heparin or lithium Heparin Mix Sample immediately The test only fluid in your blood, not the blood cells or the platelets that help your blood clot. Now, Add the aid to the liquid to unlock Carbon dioxide from the bicarbonate. The amount of bicarbonate is measured by how fat the sample’s acidity changes.


Oxygen saturation is also measured through pulse oximetry.


The oximeter display shows the percentage of oxygen your in blood. For someone whole healthy, the normal blood oxygen saturation level will be around 95-100% of the oxygen Level is below then it can be an indicate there is long problem.

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