Creatinine Clearance Test

Creatinine Clearance Test

Creatinine Clearance Test, Blood amount kidneys are making creatinine-free each minute. Creatinine is never reabsorbed only a minute secreted.

Cr Filtrate: Cr Excreted:

Rate of filtration:

Rate of filtration GFR: Glomerular filtration rate.

Amount of fluid that filters into the Bowman’s Capsule per unit of time. 125 ml/mnt.

The total value of GFR: Sum of filtration rates of all of the functioning nephrons 180 L/day.

Renal Clearance:

Renal Clearance: The volume of plasma that is completely cleaned of substances by the kidney per unit of time.

Zero clearance:

Reabsorbed 100%. eg Glucose.

Complete clearance:

O% reabsorbed, not secreted from blood to nephrons eg Inulin.

Partial clearance:

90% filtrated into Bowman’s very little secreted minute amounts reabsorb eg Creatine.

Calculation oF GFR:

Direct: Creatinine clearance [Urine Test] 24 hours:

Indirect Serum Creatinine:

Factor Affecting:

  • Body Mass
  • Gender
  • Age (Important factor)

GFR: 1mL/min/year

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