Urine Culture Test

Urine Culture Test

Urine Culture Test is a microbiology test used to diagnose and Confirm bacterial Urinary tract infection. A urine culture test is also used to diagnose yeast infections. The urine culture test is a 3 days Procedure. Antibiotics Should be stopped 3 days before the urine culture test because the bacteria will not grow and the result will be false. The urine culture test is also called the Urine e/s Test. With the help of a urine culture test, we can find out what type of bacteria caused the infection, and whether the bacteria is harmful. or gram-positive. With the help of a Urine culture test, we can find out which antibiotic is the most sensitive and com treat urinary tract infections.

Common Bacteria Found In Urine Culture Test:

Media Used for Urine Culture:

How to Perform the Test:

By using Urine samples.

Sample Collection for Urine Culture Test:

  • Early morning specimens should be obtained whenever possible because bacterial counts are the highest.
  • A clean-voided Urine specimen of at least 3 to 5 ml should be collected into a sterile container.
  • Urine should be taken to the laboratory and examined as soon as possible.
  • When this is not possible, the urine can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours before being cultured.


  • With the help of urine culture, the test we can find out which antibiotic is resistant to the bacteria, and in this way, the patient is saved from taking the wrong antibiotic.
  • A Urine culture test is also done when the patient, has recurrent urinary tract infections and does not respond well to antibiotics.
  • A urine culture test is a three days procedure.

Day 1:

  • On the 1st day, the patient’s Urine is cultured on culture media and the culture media is kept at 37°C for 24 hours to see if any bacteria or yeast grow.

Day 2:

  • If there is the growth of micro-organisms on the culture media on the 2nd day. It is seen with the help of a microscope after gram staining whether. It is bacteria or yeast on 2nd day Pick up the growth of bacteria from the culture media and after mixing with distilled water or with the help of a culture swab, inoculate the bacterial colonies on MHA or Nutrient agar media and put different types of antibiotics discs on it and again keep this plate at 37°C for 24 hours. This process is called Antibiogram or Sensitivity.

Day 3:

  • On 3rd day, we remove the antibiotic plate from Incubator and see which antibiotic has worked and which had not. An antibiotic with a “5” in front of it in the urine culture report will mean that the antibiotic is sensitive and can kill the bacteria.

If there is no growth in the media in the Urine culture media on the 1st day then we keep the culture media at 37°C for another 24 hours and if there is no growth of bacteria in the culture media on the 2nd day. Then we again keep the culture media in Incubation for 24 hours when there is growth even on 3rd day, we give the report as negative or no growth, and no bacteria was seen in the culture test.

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