Cytomegalovirus CMV

Cytomegalovirus CMV

Cytomegalovirus CMV is a virus belonging to the herpes virus family. This virus remains latent in them. Immunosuppressed people are highly sensitive to CMV. Specially Aids patients Congenital CMV may cause brain damage in the fetus. When passed from mother to fetus during pregnancy. It is called Congenital CMV, which may cause brain damage in the fetus.

How The Test Performed:

A Blood Sample is Needed, Serum or Plasma.

Transmission of Cytomegalovirus:

Symptoms of CMV:

  • Temperature
  • Tiredness
  • Muscles Pain
  • Throat Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Weight Loss

Congenital CMV Symptoms:

If a pregnant woman becomes infected with the CMV virus, It may cause Congenital CMV with the following symptoms in babies after birth,

Diagnosis importance of CMV Test:

  • To Screen organ transplant donors.
  • To screen donors before blood transfusion.
  • It is helpful in immunosuppressed patients to detect CMV
  • To Screen pregnant women
  • It is helpful in the detection of congenital CMV
Cytomegalovirus CMV

Test Requirement:

Blood IgM and IgG Antibodies test in maternal screening by Elisa and ICT method.
PCR from Amniotic fluid.
PCR test from saliva, and urine in babies.
Cell Culture.


Bring the specimen and test components to room temperature (refrigerator or frozen), Open the pouch at the notch and remove the device, Each kit Contains.

  • 10-panel devices
  • 10 plastic droppers
  • 2 Sample diluents
  • 1 Package insert

Place the test device on a clean, flat surface label with the specimen id number. Fill the plastic dropper with the specimen, Dispense 1 drop of serum into the Sample well in each panel (avoid air bubbles), and add 2 drops of sample diluent to the Sample wells in each panel. Set up the timer and read the result after 10 minutes.

Conclusion Of Result:

The result is negative and there is no infection because IgG and IgM are absent.

IgM Positive:

IgM antibodies present in the sample of patients indicate Acute Infection.

IgG Positive:

If IgG antibodies are present in the sample of the patient, it indicates past/latent Infection.

Both IgG and IgM Positive:

IgG and IgM are both antibodies present in the Sample of the patient, They indicate Latent Acute infection or Recurrent infection.

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