Sepsis Disease

Sepsis Disease

Sepsis Disease, Sepsis most often occurs with bacterial infections. When microorganisms enter the bloodstream and the immune system responds. Sepsis is the severe response of the Immune system of the body against an infection. Sepsis can cause liver, kidney, brain, and heart damage, among other problems, and often cause death if left untreated.

Symptoms of sepsis:

Causes of Sepsis:

Diagnosis of Sepsis:

Wbe count – Mostly High
Neutrophil Count – Will be High
Platelet Count – Will be low

Treatment of sepsis:

  • Used Antibiotics (if the infection is due to bacteria)
  • Antivirals (if the infection is caused by a virus)
  • Antifungal ( if the infection is caused by a fungus)
  • Antiparasitic (if the infection is caused by Parasite)
  • IV fluids to Prevent low blood Pressure
  • Mechanical ventilation for the respiratory system

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