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What Is PCR Test

What Is PCR Test, PCR is a modern diagnostic test, thanks to which many diseases, especially hepatitis, TB, etc., can be diagnosed very quickly and at early stages. PCR stands for a polymerase chain reaction. This is a sensitive test thanks to which the DNA present in any cell is artificially changed into thousands of such duplicates or templates and then its quantity is determined to confirm the presence or absence of the disease.

For example, the DNA present in the hepatitis virus is amplified with the help of Amplimers. These false single-stranded DNA molecules attach themselves to the DNA of the diseased cell. These DNA molecules also bind to an enzyme called DNA polymerase. Under certain conditions, a special thermal cycler (thermal cycler) folds the DNA twenty times (Fold (20). In general terms, it means that a single DNA molecule is folded one million times by the machine). A million Copies). This means that even if there is a very small amount of virus DNA, it amplifies it by a million times and thus it becomes very easy to prove the presence of the virus. Thanks to this method, on one hand, the presence of the virus is detected and on the other hand, the exact number of the virus is also known. The number of virus copies (copies) is checked again after treatment to determine whether the patient is free of the virus and whether further treatment is needed.

In this way, the different types of the virus are known as Geno Types and the duration of treatment is determined by the specific habits of each genotype.
This treatment method is becoming popular nowadays in diagnosing various diseases. These include hepatitis B&C, TB, etc.

  • This test is 99% – 96% sensitive.
  • This test is 99.9% reliable.

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