Complications of Blood Transfusion

Complications of Blood Transfusion

Complications of Blood Transfusion, Primarily the purpose of blood transfusion is to save a person’s life, but in some situations, due to carelessness or any other reason, a complication or loss may occur. Possible complications during blood transfusion may include:

  • The color of the face may change due to blood transfusion, there may be a feeling of heat, and the face may be red.
  • There may be tremors in the body like a fever.
  • Sometimes the patient starts sweating.
  • A bleeding disorder can cause headaches or pain elsewhere.
  • Transfusion of blood with the wrong RH factor group can lead to serious complications in the form of RBC destruction. Death can also occur in this condition.
  • Sometimes blood transfusions cause jaundice.
  • If the blood is not preserved properly, then the patient dies immediately due to the damage it causes.
  • Kidney failure can occur as a result of blood transfusions.
  • Sometimes blood transfusion is a complication of urinary obstruction.
  • Move the blood at the proper speed, as well as the pressure on the heart when perfused. If the heart cannot withstand the pressure, death occurs.
  • Sometimes the needle gets stuck, if someone disturbs and uses air pressure to open the needle, the needle opens but the air enters the patient’s vein creating a dangerous situation.
  • Sometimes germs of disease are transmitted through blood and can cause related diseases. Like malaria or AIDS hepatitis etc.
  • Therefore, if the bleeding complication is controlled in time, the patient’s life is saved, but if there is a delay, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, all precautions must be taken in blood transfusion otherwise it can be known.

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