HPV Human Papillomavirus

HPV Human Papillomavirus

HPV Human Papillomavirus, The human papillomavirus (HPV) test detects the presence of human papillomavirus, the virus that can lead to the development of genital warts, and abnormal cervical cells of cervical cancer. The HPV test is available only the Women. No HPV test yet exists to detect the virus in men. However, men can be infected with HPV and pass the virus to their sex partners HPV test is a screening test for cervical cancer but doesn’t you have cancer? Instead, the test detects the presence of HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer in your system. Certain types including 16 and 18 increase your cervical cancer risk. If you have a type of HPV that’s put you at high risk of cervical cancer means your doctor can better decide the next step. These steps might include follow-up monitoring, further testing, or treatment of abnormal cells. At the age of 30 isn’t recommended nor is it very helpful. HPV spreads through sexual contact and is very common in young people, frequently. The test results will be positive cervical changes that lead to cancer, which usually takes 20 years or more to develop.

Risk Factors OF HPV Test:

As with any screening test HPV test carries risk false positive and negative.

False Positive:

If indicates that you have a high-risk type of HPV. It leads to unnecessary follow-up procedures such as colposcopy or biopsy and undue anxiety over the test result.

False Negative:

Its result means you do have an HPV infection but the test indicates you don’t. This might cause a delay in appropriate follow-up tests or procedures.

Symptoms OF HPV:

HPV does not usually cause any symptoms. Most people who have it do not realize it and do not have any problems. But sometimes the virus can cause.

  • Painless growth, bleeding after sex or pain while having sex
  • Lumps around your vagina
  • Penis or anus (genital warts)
  • Get an abnormal pap result (during cervical cancer screening)
  • Unusual discharge

Causes of HPV:

You can get HPV by having Vaginal, and Oral sex with someone who has the virus, and skin-to-skin touching during sex.

How to Prepare the HPV Test:

  • No special preparation is required before the HPV test. HPV test often is done at the same time as a pap test.
  • Avoid intercourse, douching, or using vagina medicine likes creams, or jellies for two days before the test.
  • The test during your menstrual period, and collect the better sample at another time in your cycle.
HPV Human Papillomavirus

During the Procedure:

The HPV test is done at the same, time as the pap test, and collects cells from your cervix to check for abnormalities or the presence of cancer. Start the procedure you will lie on your back on an exam table with your new bed. Your heels rest in Supports called stirrups. Your doctor will gently insert an instrument called a speculum into your vagina. Inserting the speculum may cause a sensation of pressure in your pelvic area. Sometimes the speculum feels cold when it’s first inserted. The doctor will take the sample of the patient’s cervical using a soft brush and a flat scraping device called a spatula, This does not hurt.


The result of HPV test will be positive and negative.

Positive HPV Test:

If the test is positive it mean patient have a type of high-risk that links to cervical cancer.

Negative HPV Test:

A negative test indicate that you don’t have any of the types of HPV that cause cervical cancer.


Depending on your results your doctor may recommend One of the following as a next step.

  • Normal monitoring
  • Colposcopy
  • Biopsy
  • Removal of abnormal cervical cells
  • Seeing as a specialist

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