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Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus is a disease caused by the Ebola virus called Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) or Ebola Virus Disease. It is a virus disease. It is a very rare but severe and often deadly disease. The virus was first isolated in 1976 in Zaire (Congo) in a village near to Ebola River. Its symptoms typically last for 8-10 days. As the virus spreads throughout the body it damages the organs and immune system. The mortality rate associated with this virus can be up to 90%. There are five types of Ebola virus but four types & Cause the disease in humans.

Transmission Of Ebola virus:

Ebola virus is transmitted from:

  • Human-to-human infected body fluids
  • Blood-reused needles and syringes
  • Through monkeys, chimpanzees, rodents
  • Fruit bats and gorillas

Symptoms Of the Ebola virus:

Cause of Ebola virus:

It is caused by the Ebola virus. The family of this virus is called Filoviridae. It is a single-stranded RNA virus.

Complications of the Ebola virus:

It can cause some complications by the following:

  • Death
  • Coma
  • Seizures
  • Loss of Vision
  • Severe bleeding
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Loss

How to Perform Ebola Virus:

A blood sample was taken. IgM detection by ELISA method, PCR Test from blood, Immunohistochemistry in Dead Patients.

The procedure of the Ebola virus Test:

  • First of all, staff who collect specimens should wear appropriate PPE and collect 3 to 5ml blood in an EDTA Tube or gel tube.
  • Centrifuge the blood sample and separate the Serum or plasma.
  • Use the plasma for the test. Now micropipette applies five microliters of plasma or whole blood to the one area indicated in the arrow line.
  • Add two drops of sample Into the device to well marked as.
  • Start the timer and read the results at 20 minutes of the double line showing into the device then the test will be positive otherwise test will be negative.


  • Positive: Visible IgG and IgM Test Lines.
  • Negative: Invisible test lines about IgM or IgG.
Ebola Virus

Prevention Of Ebola virus Disease:

  • Avoid traveling to areas where the virus to found.
  • Wearing masks, gloves, and glasses staff and health care workers because they come into contact with infected patients.
  • Avoid contact with infected Persons and animals like hats, monkeys, and chimpanzees, etc.

Treatment of Ebola virus:


Always consult a General physician, for the treatment of the Ebola virus by follow according to doctor’s instructions).

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