Flu and Cold DiseaseFlu and Cold Disease

Flu and Cold Disease

Flu and Cold Disease, Common cold is a viral infection of your nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). It’s usually harmless, although it might not feel that way. It is also called the Rhino virus. It is a very common illness among college students.

Types Of Common Cold:

Many types of viruses can cause a Common Cold.

Rhino Virus:

Rhinovirus are the key whole at least 50% of the Common cold is due to these rhinoviruses.


  • Spread due to contact
  • Spread Due to droplet infection
  • Sneez and Cough
  • Fever (100F)
  • Headache
  • Dry cough
  • runny or stuffy stuffy nose (nasal)
  • Sore throat, cough
  • You may also experience a mild headache body aches or a Low grade fever. Typically a cold tests 2-14 days.


  • It may be respiratory infections involve your nose by throat and lungs.
  • Inflammation of nose and throat membrane.


If you problem is coming your discomfort you Should seek your medical treatment.

  • A fever of 102° F or greater (which may indicate a more serious infection).
  • A persisting cough, especially with a significant fever (which could indicate pneumonia).
  • Avoid drinking alcohol because it weakness your immune system of may interact with medication.
  • Stay away from cigarette smoke.
  • Don’t’ take antibiotics unless specifically for you.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables and grains.
  • Avoid Caffeine, which can increase dehydration.
Flu and Cold Disease


  • Wash your hands often (which is good advice for keeping healthy in any situation).
  • Keep them away from your nose, mouth and eyes, use instant sanitizer when you cant wash your hand.
  • Follow good sleep habits.
  • Regular exercise and eat well.
  • Avoid dirty meal food.

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