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Hematology Section MCQs

Hematology Section MCQs, This hematology quiz is designed to check how well you understand the basics. MCQs for a medical lab technician and Technologist DMLT, BMLT students, Question with Answers.

Q No. 1: Which of the following cell in Peripheral blood has the shortest lifespan?


(a) RBC
(b) Lymphocytes
(c) Platelets
(d) Barophils

Q No. 2: Which of the following test required for arterial Blood?


(a) Calcium
(b) Lipid profile
(c) ABGs
(d) LFT

Q No. 3: The tube used in the microhematocrit method of pcv is?


(a) Wintrobe tube
(b) Westerngren tube
(c) Kahn tube
(d) Capillary tube

Q No. 4: Dehemoglobinization is related to?


(a) Thin Smears.
(b) Wet Smears.
(c) Thick smears.
(d) Impression smears.

Q No. 5: Does infective erythropoiesis occur in?


(a) myelodysplastic syndrome
(b) megaloblastic anemia
(c) Leukaemia
(d) Both a and b

Q No. 6: Malarial Parasite can not affect RBC of?


(a) Sickle cell disease
(b) Aplastic anemia.
(c) Megaloblastic anaemia
(d) Iron deficiency anaemia

Q No. 7: Immunoglobin is found in the body’s Secretions?


(a) IgG
(b) IgM
(c) IgA
(d) IgD

Q No. 8: Suppose you are in a village health Post where electricity is not available, which method for hemoglobin elimination do you prefare?


(a) Sahil method
(b) Cyanomethemoglobin method
(c) None of them
(C) Both a and b

Q No. 9: The diffuerce between serum and Plasma is?


(a) Serum is colorless while is yellow in color
(b) Serum contains cell while Plouma is clean yellow fluid
(b) Plasma contains coagulation factors while serum does not
(d) Plasma has more ariliboelies than serum

Q No. 10: What is the site of the first choice for venipuncture?


(a) Basilic vein
(b) Cephalic vein
(c) Median cubital vein
(d) Ulnar vein

Q No. 11: What is the average lifespan of Platelets?


(a) 4 months
(b) 10 days
(c) 1 Day
(d) 60 Days

Q No. 12: . What factor deficient in classical hemophillaz?


(a) Factor V1
(b) Factor V111
(c) Factor X
(d) Factor V

Q No. 13: Which of the following indicates a normal value white blood cell count?


(a) 1 million per mm3
(b) 15,000 per mm3
(c) 10, 000 per mm3
(d) 3,000 per mm3

Q No. 14: Red cells destruction occurs after?


(a) 2 months
(b) 120 days
(c) 240 Days
(d) 150 Days

Q No. 15: Which anticoagulant is used for CBC test?


(a) EDTA
(b) Potassium
(c) Sodium citate
(d) Heparin

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