Malignant cell cytology

Malignant cell cytology

Malignant cell cytology, In most cases, cells that look like cancer are a sign that you have cancer somewhere in your urinary tract. cytology is the examination of cells from one’s body under the microscope. A urine cytology test is usually performed alongside other tests to determine a cancer diagnosis. A Urine cytology test screens your urine for precancer or cancer cells.

What is Cytology:

Cytology is the examination of single cells from bodily fluids or tissues. It examines the cells in the fluid tissue under a microscope and checks certain abnormalities in cells. This test is completely different from the biopsy.

Symptoms Of Urine Cytology Test:

If the patients have experienced signs and symptoms of urinary system cancer, including:

  • Having blood in patients’ pee (Hematuria)
  • Frequent Pain when you pee
  • Burning sensation when you Pee

Urine Cytology Test used for:

A urine cytology test can help diagnose cancers of the Urinary system including:

Uses Of Malignant cell cytology Urine Test:

It helps identify any abnormalities in the cell if the cells are normal and free of bacteria and yeast, the test will come back normal. if the bacteria and Yeast are found in urine then they can cause Urinary tract infections when cells don’t appear normal, but Cannot be confirmed if they are cancerous or Precancerous then the report will show suspicious or atypical. The test will Check infections, inflammatory diseases like urinary tract cancer, and precancers.

How is the Urine Cytology test Performed?


Before you collect the urine sample health care provider may give you a special kit including the cleaning solution and wipes to use around the Urine area. Collect 5ml Urine into the urine container and sent it to the laboratory.

Examining the Sample cells:

After taking the urine sample lab technician processes and stains the urine cytology sample. They examine cells under the microscope, looking for abnormal cells they mark them on the slides. A Pathologist then put together a report.

Malignant cell cytology


  • If the results will show abnormalities then you will be concerned with a special doctor and do the treatment.
  • If the result will show normal then the Patient will be negative.

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