Specific Gravity of Urine

Specific Gravity of Urine

Specific Gravity of Urine, If the urine has a lot of solutes if the wine is concentrated then the specific gravity will be of the urine is very dilute, which means it has a lot of water and hence urine is very dilute.

Specific gravity (SG) = Density of Urine (Density of water):

  • Concentrated Urine: Specific gravity high:
  • Dilute Urine: Very Dilute:

What is the role of Specific gravity in Urine analysis:

Specific gravity function of tubular:

Water DilutionWater Lose
As the patient voids all
the Urine
SG. It should be around 1.003
Give him 1200ml of waterDo not give him water from 8 pm to 10 AM
See how much urine is produced in 2 hrsIf high- the kidney can concentrate Urine
Check the Specific gravity of the urineCollect the urine and check Sp Gr.
SG. Should be around 1.003SP.Gr should be around 1.025
Dilute urinePale Yellow

Buoyancy Principle:

When the solute concentration is high the level of the solution Increase and the urinometer is pushed upward due to high SG. if the solute Concentration is low variometer sinks into the urine due to low SG Urinometer is calibrated at IS’C.

Temperature Correction:

  • (adding 0.001 for every 3°c rise above 15°C)
  • Or
  • (Substracting 0.001 for every 3 degrees below 15°C)

Note the reading:

Room Temperature: 15°C Value +3= value x 0.001= Value + Urinometer reading.

Urine meter reading: 1.010

  • Room temp – 21°C.
  • 21-15= 6
  • 6/3= 2
  • 2 X 0.001= 0.002
  • 0.002+1.010= 1.021
  • In case the temperature is higher then add
  • In case the temperature is lower Substrate
Isosthenuria1.008 – 1.012
Hyperthermia1.003 (Decreased Specific gravity)
Dilute in Urine
Diabetes insipidus chronic renal failure.
Hyperthenuria1.030 (increased urine Specific gravity)
Concentrated urine
Fever Diabetes millitus

Total Solids:

Total Solids: last two digits of specific gravity X 2.66 Long’s coefficient Gm/L.

Abnormal Constituents of Urine:

Chemical Tests:

Abnormal ConstituentsNormal Constituents of Urine
Bile SaltsPotassium
Bile PigmentChloride

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