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Clinical Pathology MCQs Part III

Clinical Pathology MCQs, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams. This Pathology quiz is designed to check how well you understand the basics.

Q No. 1: Cell Count in Pericardial Exudate is …?

(a) Normal
(b) Nill
(c) High
(d) Low

Q No. 2: Protein or albumin level is in Pericardial transudate?

(a) Normal
(b) Nill
(c) High
(d) Low

Q No. 3: Pericardial Transdates are most often caused by either congestive heart failure or?

(a) Prostate Cancer
(b) Cirrhosis
(c) An enlarged Prostate gland
(d) All of the above

Q No. 4: Is the Procedure used to remove the Pericardial fluid from the Pericardial Cavity?

(a) FNAC
(b) Pericardio centosis
(c) Biopsy
(d) Brushing

Q No. 5: Pericardial effusion is the prevalence of excessive Pericardial fluid, this can be Confirmed using an…?

(a) X-ray
(b) MRI
(c) CT Scan
(d) Echocardiogram

Q No. 6: In a healthy adult, there is up to ml of dear-straw-colored primal fluid.

(a) 100
(b) 80
(c) 150
(d) 50

Q No. 7: They found that the fluid is made up of a high concentration of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) Protein and…?

(a) Neutrophils
(b) Lymphocytes
(c) Eosinophils
(d) Basophils

Q No. 8: The Pericardial fluid acts as a….. the movement of the heart reducing friction as the heart pumps blood?

(a) Toxin
(b) Oxygen
(d) Lubricants
(d) Pump

Q No. 9: Pericardial….. Produce Pericardial fluid?

(a) Membrane
(b) Bones
(c) Vessels
(d) Arteries

Q No. 10: The Pericardium is a two-layered, Sac-like membrane that surrounds the?

(a) Stomach
(b) Pancreas
(c) Heart
(d) Lungs

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