Albumin Blood Test

Albumin Blood Test

Albumin Blood Test, Albumin protein is made in the liver and about 60% of the total serum protein is albumin. Albumin controls the amount of water in the blood. This process is done through atmospheric pressure. In case of a lack of albumin protein, water control is impaired and it starts to leave the blood vessels and accumulate under the skin and the body starts to swell. Albumin protein acts as a transporter for many hormones, calcium, magnesium, and drugs in the blood.

Why Need This Test:

Serum albumin is usually measured to check for liver diseases and kidney diseases. It also helps with digestive disorders and severe malnutrition.

How The Test Performed:

A blood sample was needed.


Bromo cresol is an indicator of BCG yellow. When mixed with albumin, the color of Bromo cresol changes from yellow to blue-green and the amount of albumin is determined by this color.

Albumin Blood Test


Take 3 to 5ml blood in a gel Tube. Centrifuge the blood sample. After centrifugation separate, the serum, and used for further analysis and to find out the value of serum albumin. The procedure is as follows:

Bromo cresol Green (BCG)4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml
Distal Water2o ul
Standard 30 g/l20 ul
Control Serum20 ul
Patient Serum20 ul

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