Plasma and Serum Difference

Plasma and Serum Difference

Plasma and Serum Difference, Plasma (PLAZ-muh) is The clear, yellowish, fluid Past of the blood that carries the blood cells. Serum SEER-Um The clear liquid Part of the blood that remains after blood cells and clotting Proteins have been removed. It is a liquid Part of coagulated blood.

Difference B/W Plasma and Serum:

Plasma is the Part that Contains clotting factors.
Fibrinogen is resent.
Anticoagulants are required for the separation of plasma from the blood.
Serum is the Part of blood that does not contain clotting factors.
Fibrinogen is absent,
Na-anticoagulants are required for the separation of serum from blood.
Plasma is acquired from the spinning before clotting and is less time-consuming.Serum is acquired from Spinning after clotting and is time-consuming.
Plasma takes 55% of the total volume of blood.
The volume of serum is less than that of plasma.
Plasma is used for tests and also Plasma transfusion is done for trauma patients and patients with severe liver disease.
Serum is used for tests.
Enzymes test Hormon tests.
% of water:
Plasma contains 92-95% of water.
Plasma = Serum + clotting factors.
% of water:
Serum contains 90% water hormone, Protein minerals, etc.
Serum = Plasma+ clotting factors.
It has availability to clot.
Don’t have the ability to clot further.
It is considered less stable (especially) for longer Storage.
It is considered more Stable-the gold standard for biobanking.
Platelets one cell (WBCs) can contaminate the liquid fraction.
It can be prepared as soon as it can be mixed thoroughly.
The cleaner sample was depleted” of cells and cell remnants, but latent clotting can lead to fibrin formation with 30 minutes delay for a clot formation.
The composition of ions is representative of the circulating blood.
Clot retraction elevates. Potassium level relative to its plasma value.


Density of Plasm is ion electron pair/cm3? 

(a) ✓ 10-12

(b) 10-20

(c) 10-21

(d) 102

Plasma has collisions? 

(a) Continuous

(b) Frequent

(c) ✓ on frequent 

(d) Both a and b

80% of Plasma behavior can be observed through?

(a) Brownian model

(b) ✓ Crude model

(c) Watson Crick model 

(d) Ruther ford model

Uncrude model identity of individuals Particle is? 

(a) ✓ Neglected

(b) Discussed

(c) not exist

(d) Existed

It considered more stable- gold standard is?

(a) Plasma

(b) ✔ Serum

(c) Antiserum

(d) blood

In ordinary fluid collision between Particles are?

(a) ✓ Frequent

(b) Infrequent

(c) Periodic

(d) Regular

In humans. all of the following plasma Proteins have oligosaccharide chains attached, Except?

(a) Transferrin

(b) ✓ Albumin

(c) C-Reactive Proteins

(d) Ceruloplasmin

Takes 55% of total volume of blood? 

(a) ✓ Plasma

(b) Serum

(c) Water

(d) Body

Serum contain % of water…?

(a) 80%.
(b) 50%
(c) 20%
(d) ✓  90%.

Fibrinogen factor is Present in?

(a) ✓ Plasma

(b) both

(c) Serum and Antiserum

(d) None

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