Sulfosalicylic Acid Test

Sulfosalicylic Acid Test

Sulfosalicylic Acid Test is a Qualitative test for the detection of protein in urine. The sulfosalicylic test detects albumin, globulins and Bence-Jones proteins at low concentration.

Principle Of Sulfosalicylic Test:

Negative changed Sulfosalicylic neutralizes the positive charge on protein causing denaturation and cause precipitation of protein precipitated by 5 Sulfosalicylic acids. Any resulting turbidity will give an estimation of the amount of protein present in the urine which can be Subjectively quantitated visually or more precisely quantized using photometry.

Requirements and Apparatus:


  • Sulphosalicylic and solution 3%
  • Glacial acetic acid 10%


Check the PH of a portion of the time. if it is alkaline or neutral, add 10% acetic and solution, drop by drop, until it is just acidic (about PH 6). If the urine is cloudy, filter or centrifuge the urine for 5 minutes at 2000-3000 rpm.

  • Take 2ml clear urine in a test tube.
  • Add 2ml Sulfosalicylic solution and mix.
  • Do not shake, Examine for turbidity against a dark background.

Symptoms of Sulfosalicylic Acid Test:

  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Injuries after inhalation
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract
  • Irritation of the nasal mucous membrane

Reporting Result:

  • No pre capitate = Negative
  • Faint white precipitate = Trace
  • Turbid, but can see lines and read
  • print through tube (1+)
  • Cannot read through but can see lines (2+)
  • Cannot see through fine granules may be present (3+)
  • Flocculent precipitate or gelled tube (4+)

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