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Total Serum Cholesterol

Total Serum Cholesterol, Cholesterol is a type of fat and has the formula sterol. Cholesterol is present in the cells of the human body. Foods include meat, milk, eggs, and ghee. Cholesterol can also build up in the human body. Cholesterol helps in making many hormones in the human body. Also involved in making bile salts (liver secretions).

Total serum cholesterol is present in the human body under the following conditions:

  • Esterifiad Cholesterol
  • Non-Esterifiad Cholesterol

Regular monitoring of blood cholesterol levels is very helpful in preventing heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Normal Value:

Adults: 200 mg/dl

How The Test is Performed:

A blood sample was needed.

Chemical Reaction:

The cholesterol esterase enzyme breaks down cholesterol esters. Then the enzyme cholesterol oxidase (Cholesterol Oxidase) acts on all the cholesterol to form an oxide on hydrogen. It combines with amino antipyrine with oxidase enzyme on hydrogen to form a red-colored compound and with the help of this color, the amount of cholesterol can be determined.

Total Serum Cholesterol


Take 3 to 5ml blood in a gel Tube. Centrifuge the blood sample. After centrifugation separate, the serum, and used for further analysis and to find out the value of total cholesterol. The procedure is as follows:

Test Sample0.01 ml
Standard0.01 ml
Distal Water0.01 ml
Reagent1 ml1 ml1 ml

Mix well and incubate for 10 minutes at 20-25°C. And read on chemistry analyzer.

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