Party coffee cake recipe

by Mary Stone, 2018-03-10

This coffee cake is awesome and perfect for parties.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Bleeding Time BTBleeding Time BT

Bleeding Time BT

Bleeding Time BT a test that measure how fast small blood vessels in the skin stop bleeding. Blood vessels defect, platelets function defect, along with many condition also results in prolong bleeding time. Bleeding time When patient suffers even a minor injury, the bleeding does not stop, or the patient is suspected (Thrombocytopenia) of having low platelets in the blood.

Bleeding Time BT

Is This Test Have Other Name

Bleeding Time, BT

Why The Test Performed

The Bleeding time test helps to diagnose the bleeding problems.

Why Need This Test

Most people will never need a bleeding time test. You may need to have a bleeding test if you’ve been experiencing bleeding that won’t stop, especially from small incisions, punctures, or cuts.
Your doctor can choose from a number of tests to evaluate your platelet function. A bleeding time test is a common test to screen patients having prolonged bleeding times.

Test Procedure

Clean the bottom of the ear well from the spirit swab. Apply a lancer, or a blade, or a needle to the same place. And the stop watch started. Bleeding will start, and than filter paper can be applied to the ear. Wipe with filter paper after every 30 or 15 second. Note the time on filter paper for each blood spot. When the bleeding stop, Stop the stop watch as well. Now note the total time of the marks on filter paper and note the result of the total bleeding time.

For Example:

30+30+30+30=30+30+30= 210 Second

210 Second. (4 minutes)

Bleeding Time BT

What Do The Result Means

Normal bleeding time BT is 01 to 7 minutes.

Longer-than-normal bleeding time may be due to:

Deficiency of Ascorbic Acid
Blood vessel defect
Platelet aggregation defect (clumping problem with platelets,)
Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count)


There is a very slight risk of infection where the skin is cut.

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