Centrifuge MachineCentrifuge Machine

Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuge Machine we separate the serum from the RBCs. The cells in the liquid are collected by a centrifuge machine at the bottom of the test tube. The higher the speed of rotation, the more times a lighter-weight particle is deposited in the layer.

A centrifuge machine is used in the laboratory for the following two methods:

Centrifuging of General Purposes:

A centrifuge machine is used for the following general purposes:

  • Before performing microscopy of urine CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) specifically to look for the presence of bacteria or parasites.
  • To separate serum from blood or for further testing or matching etc.
Centrifuge Machine

Hematocrit Centrifuge:

Hematocrit Centrifuge is required for the following tests:

  • Diagnosis of anemia
  • For PCV and MCHC

Specifically for the diagnosis of parasites in the blood

  • Microflare Re
  • Trypanosoma

Precautions in using centrifuge:

Modern centrifuges are available today. They have a balance lid lock and braking system. These facilities are not available to the old Centrifuge personnel so special precautions are required for them which are as follows:

  • Always place the centrifuge on a flat surface and do not place anything else within one foot of the surrounding area.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the centrifuge machine and take special care to clean the machine.
  • It is better to use plastic tube instead of glass in centrifuge. Avoid using thin glass tube in sentry army as it has high risk of breakage.
  • In case of using a glass tube, choose a tube with a thick layer from the bottom and check the glass tube before placing it in the centrifuge.
  • Be careful not to use too long a tube in a sentry army as it is more likely to break.
  • Before placing the tube in the centrifuge, make sure that there is no cotton or cork in the mouth. In the centrifuge it will go inside the cotton or cocktail tube and discard the sample.
  • Before operating the centrifuge, ensure that it is in balance.
  • Do not centrifuge a sample for more than the recommended speed and time.
  • Do not try to stop the machine by hand when the centrifuge time is up, but wait for it to stop on its own.
  • Be careful not to open the centrifuge lid until the motor stops.
  • The centrifuge must be cleaned of stains on the lid and tube holder after use.

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