Influenza is an Acute viral disease. Influenza infection is usually self-limiting and rarely fatal. Influenza can cause mild to severe symptoms in healthy individuals. Another name for Influenza is flu. Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that can be an infection in the throat, nose, and sometimes in the Lungs. Influenza can ever cause life-threatening Complications in some People.

Types of Influenza:

There are four types of Influenza. Influenza A, B, C and Influenza D. A and B are most common.

Influenza A:

Influenza A is widely found in humans and Pigs. The Primary source of influenza A is Aquatic Birds. It is responsible for causing the great influenza Epidemic (Seasonal flu).

Influenza B:

Influenza B is caused and responsible for localized Outbreaks on smaller levels (seasonal flu). It causes infection in humans.

Influenza C:

Influenza C is cause infection in humans. It is responsible for causing mild respiratory infections in children.

Influenza D:

It is found in castles and Pigs. Influenza D is not known to cause illness in humans.

Sub Types of Influenza A:

  • Subtypes of Influenza A have two Proteins on the surface of the virus.
  • Hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N).
  • Hemagglutinin has 18 different Subtypes from Hn to H18.
  • Neuraminidase has 11 different Subtypes from N1 to N11.
  • Common subtypes of Influenza are found in human A (HINI) and A (H3N2).

Subtypes of Influenza B:

  • The common subtype of Influenza B found in humans is B (Yamagata and B Victoria).

Causes of Influenza:

The main cause of Influenza is caused by Influenza viruses. The influenza family of these viruses is called Orthomyxoviridae. That is RNA virus.

Transmission of Influenza virus:

It is transferred when an infected person sneeze and Cough and talk.
The virus spread from Person to Person through Air by airborne droplets.
Infected Persons spread influenza.

Symptoms Of Influenza:

How to Perform Influenza Test:

  • Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Test
  • Reverse PCR
  • Nasal Swab required

Sample Collection for Influenza Detection:

Prevention of Influenza:

  • Hand washing with sanitizer and Antiseptic soap.
  • Every person gets a vaccination every year.
  • USE Mask in seasonal flu.


  • Complete Bed Rest.
  • Use plenty of fluid.
  • Ibuprofen or accetaminophen for Pain my fever.
  • Use of corticosteroid drugs.

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