Hormone Analyzer

Hormone Analyzer

Hormone Analyzer, A hormone Analyzer is an automatic machine that performs almost all hormone immunoassays. The machine is first set up according to the code given by the company and then the test is required. By taking its special ready-made disposable medicine (which consists of three or four small boxes) and putting it in a box and then putting it in the machine and pressing the button, the pre-treatment is shortened for its specific time and All the steps of Time are fixed by themselves. When the time is up, the scanner stops and the stomach comes out, which records the value of the test and the reading of the test performed.
This machine is very useful and modern. Available for around Rs 15 to 20 lakhs and its accuracy is also very high. These machines are of two types. One is a small machine in which a single test is applied while the other is a large machine in which many tests can be applied at the same time.
This machine works on ELFA i.e. (Enzyme-Linked Fluorescent Assay) technology.

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