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Vitamins Water Soluble

Vitamins Water Soluble, There are nine water-soluble vitamins. The B vitamins folate, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. Deficiency of any of these water-soluble vitamins results in a clinical syndrome that may result in severe morbidity and mortality.

VitaminsOther NamesActive FormFunctionsDeficiencySign & SymptomsToxicityNotes
Vitamin B9Also Known as Folic acidTetrahydro folic acidTransfer one carbon unit Synthesis of methionine serine, purine nude slides, and thymine monophosphateMegaloblastic, anemia, neural, and tube defectsAnemia, Birth defectsNoneAdministration of high Levels of folate can mark vitamin B12 deficiency
Vitamin B12CobalaminMethylcobalamin, Deoxyadenosyl cobalaminCo-enzymes for reaction, Homelystine, methionine methyl malonyl CoA Succinyl LOAPernicious anemia Dementia Spinal degenerationMegaloblastic Arteria and Neuropsychiatric SymptomsNonePernicious anemia is treated with Intramuscular or high-dose oral vitamin
Vitamin CAscorbic AcidAscorbic acidAntioxidant, Coenzyme for hydroxylation reactions, for example In Procollagen: Proline hydroxy Proline.
Lysine hydro lysine
ScurvySore, spongy Jums, loose teeth! Poor wound healing, Bleeding,NoneBenefits of supplement not established in controlled trails
Vitamin B6Pyridoxomine Pyridoxa
Pyridoxal PhosphateCoenzymes for enzymes Particularly in amino acid metabolismRareGlossitis NeuropathyYesDeficiency can be induced by isonized Sensory neuropathy occurs at high doses
Vitamin B1ThiamineThiamine PyrophosphateCoenzymes of enzyme, ketoglutrate Succinglass, Ribose 5-P+ xylulose 5-P, Sedoheptulose 7-P+ Glyceraldehyde 3-P, Branched-chand-keto, and oxidationBeri beri, Wernicke, Karsokoff Syndrome (most Common alcoholism)Peripheral neuropathy (dry form), edema and cardiomys apathy (wet form), ataxia Confusion, memory Loss, hallucinations,None———-
acid, Nicotinamide,
NAD, NADP,Electron transferPellagraDermatitis Diarrhea DementiaNoneHigh dose of niacin used to treat,
Aitamin B2RibaflarinFMN, FADElectron transferRareDermatitis, Angular stomatitisNone———-
Biotin———-Enzyme -bound biotinCarboxylation reactionsRareDermatitisNoneconsumption of Large amounts of raw egg
whides (which contains fatein, a vidin, that
binds biotin can induce a biotin deficiency
Pantothenie acid———-Coenzyme AAcyl CarrierRare———-None———-

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