Rapid Screening TestRapid Screening Test

Rapid Screening Test

Rapid Screening Test, This test is used to distinguish Staphylococcus RS from other Staphylococcus species such as Staph epidermis and Staph super focus. Staphylococcus aureus is dangerous among them. Coagulase helps plasma to clot. It converts fibrinogen in plasma to Fibrin. There are two types of COA pills, one is free coagulase and the other is bound coagulase.

Free coagulase contains a coagulase-acting factor in the plasma to convert fibrinogen to ferine, which causes it to clot, whereas bound coagulase does not require the factor and converts fibrinogen directly to Ferron to form makes a clot.


  • A slide is taken, two drops of normal saline are placed on it and one colony from the growth under examination is placed on both drops and mixed.
  • A drop of plasma is placed on one side of the slide and mixed. If the plasma clot clots, the growth is coagulase positive.

Rapid Tests:

This is advanced & rapid test for qualitative, quantitative examination of antigen & antibody.

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