In Direct Coombs TestIn Direct Coombs Test

In Direct Coombs Test

In Direct Coombs Test, The indirect Coombs test looks for antibodies that are floating in the blood. These antibodies could not against certain red blood cells. This test is most often done to determine if have may have a reaction to a blood transfusion. The indirect Coomb’s test checks the pregnant women blood to see if these are antibodies that could pass to and harm their unborn baby. The indirect coombs test is also used in testing prior to a blood transfusion to check for compatibility of blood group.

Is This Test Have Other Name:

Indirect Antiglobulin test.

Causes Of Positive Indirect Coombs Test:

  • Incompatible Blood match.
  • Hemolytic disease of unborn.

How To Perform This Test:

Blood Sample Needed.


  • O+ve blood sample
  • 3 Test tubes
  • T, Testing tubes
  • A, Anticontra test tubes
  • centrifuge Machine
  • Anti D, Solution
  • Incubator
  • Antiglobulin reagent
In Direct Coombs Test


  • Take 3-4 test tubes and label the numbering To Anti control test tube Positive and negative test tube.
  • Collect the 4 to 5 ml of blood sample.
  • Indirect Coomb’s test is used to detect unbound antibodies to RRCS in which may be present the patient’s Serum.
  • Incubation of serum of patient with known O Positive group red cells to allow them to become Coated with antibody if present serum.
  • Check the agglutination.
  • Antiglobulin reagent is then added in each test tube.
  • Then, centrifugation Occur After centrifuged it will check the agglutination.
  • If the agglutination is present it indicates a positive result.


Positive Result:

The presence of agglutination indicates that is Positive result.

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