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CSF Smear

CSF Smear, A CSF sample is obtained from the spinal cord using a special needle to collect CSF from the space between the 11th and 12th lumbar vertebrae. This needle is called a lumber puncture needle. To obtain this sample, three are obtained in a clean tube, and about 2 to 3 ml of CSF is added to each needle is then withdrawn, and all three It is sent to the laboratory.

It is usually the case that blood is mixed with the sample obtained in the first tube. So it is not commonly used. The second tube is used for chemical and microbiological examination and the CSF from the third tube is used for culture. At the same time, the remaining amount of CSF is stored in the refrigerator and checked two hours later. If no membrane is formed, if so, it means that it contains the TB germ.

CSF Smear

This requires 2 to 3 cc of CSF. CSF is put into a test tube and centrifuged. From the deposit thus obtained a slide is prepared in the usual manner and dried. Three slides are made by this method. A drop is stained with Leishman Stain. With its help, we observe its presence and type of germs. This can lead to knowledge about TB. The type and number of WBC are determined.

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