P-LCR Blood Test

P-LCR Blood Test

P-LCR Blood Test, P-LCR typically stands for platelets Large Cell Ratio. It is a parameter of large platelets in the bloodstream. Large platelets are sometimes called Young platelets and their presence can indicate various underlying conditions or disorders.

The Platelets Cell Ratio (P-LCR) is calculated as follows:

P-LCR=(Number of Large platelets/Total platelets count)x 100

Normal Range of P-LCR

  • The normal range for P-LCR may vary between laboratories, but generally, it is considered to be between 9% and 17%.
  • However, reference ranges can differ based on the specific laboratory’s equipment and methods.

High P-LCR(Thrombocytopenia with Increased Large Platelets):


1. Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpose (ITP):

  • An autoimmune disorder that leads to a decreased platelet count and an increase in large platelets.

2. Viral Infection:

3. Myeloproliferative Disorders:

  • Conditions like essential thrombocythemia or chronic myeloid leukemia can lead to a higher P-LCR.

Causes of Low P-LCR( Normal Decrease Platelets Size):

1. Bone Marrow Disorders:

  • The condition that affects platelet production or maturation in bone marrow can lead to a lower P-LCR.

2. Megaloblastic Anemia:

  • A type of anemia characterized by enlarged red blood cells can sometimes affect platelet size and result in a lower P-LCR.

3. Certain Medications:

  • Some medications, such as chemotherapeutic drugs, can affect platelet size and lower the P-LCR.


  • It is important to remember that the interpretation of P-LCR values should always be done in conjunction with other clinical information, and any concerns or questions about your blood test results should be discussed with a healthcare provider.
  • They can provide a more accurate assessment of your specific situation and recommend any necessary follow-up or treatment.

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