Leishmaniasis Disease, Treatment, Risk, Prevention

Leishmaniasis Disease

Leishmaniasis Disease, Leishmaniasis are flagellated Protists that cause a group of several human diseases collectively called Leishmaniasis. The most common forms are coetaneous (skin-associated) and visceral (affecting internal organs) co-infection with HIV increases the severity of the disease. In this disease, a relatively small, red purple papule forms at the site of each insect bite at the inoculation site. These papules are found. on the face and ears. They develop into cristate Ulcers. Healing occurs with scaring and Permanent immunity. Work-wide, Leishmaniasis is a disease of Poverty associated with malnutrition, displacement, poor housing, and discrimination.


The Primary reservoirs of these Parasites are canines and rodents. All species of Leishmaniasis use female Sand flies such as those of genera sand flies are about one-third the size of a mosquito, so they are hard to see and hear.


  • Leishmaniasis is transmitted from animals. to humans. as between humans by sand flies.
  • By blood transfusion
  • Through needle shaking
  • Infected sand fry takes a human blood meal, it introduces flagellated Promastigotes into the skin of the definitive (human) host

Signs and symptoms of visceral Leishmaniasis

Clinical evidence of infection usually has:


Laboratory diagnosis of Leishmaniasis is based on a finding of the protist within infected macrophage in streamed Smears of infected organs.


The best options for Prevention and contamination of this disease:

  • There was no vaccine approved against Leishmaniasis.
  • Although one experimental vaccine induces a 30% Skin.
  • The positive reaction appears to be associated with decreased visceral leishmaniasis Treatment.


  • Treatment includes Pentavalent antimicrobial Compound.
  • Sodium Stibogluconate was Investigated by a dung Protocol from the Centers for Disease control. and Prevention (CPC).

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