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Hemolysis of Blood Samples

Hemolysis of Blood Samples, Hemolysis is the breakdown of red blood cells, which can affect laboratory results. Serum samples containing more than 100 mg/dL of hemoglobin can cause non-specific binding in serologic tests. Therefore, serologic testing is not recommended for a serum sample containing more than this amount of hemoglobin.

Follow the instructions below for this:

  • Before taking the blood sample, check that the syringe and needle are dry. Also, the barrel and cage of the syringe fit correctly.
  • Never use a 24 or 26-gauge needle.
  • Do not draw the blood sample too quickly, and do not foam the blood.
  • When transferring blood from the syringe to the tube, remove the needle and carefully slowly insert it into the tube.
  • Do not shake the tube too vigorously to mix the anticoagulant, but mix carefully and slowly.
  • The test tube should be dry and clean.
  • If the test tube containing the sample is kept in the refrigerator, never put it in the freezer.

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