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Fungus Test

Fungus Test, When a laboratory test is to be done for the diagnosis of a fungal disease, the affected skin of the body is slowly scraped and cleaned. A sterile blade is used for this purpose. It is collected as a sample and tested.

Microscopic Examination:

The sample obtained is spread on a glass slide and a drop of 20% potassium hydroxide KOH is added to it, mixed with a cotton swab, and then a cover slip is placed over it. and is observed initially at 10% power and then at 40% power. Allow 20 to 30 minutes for inspection so that the Keratin attached to the fungus dissolves and can be seen. If a group of hyphen ortho spores is seen on microscopic examination, the result is fixative. Enpothrix inside the hair and Ectothrix outside the hair.

Artificial Growth of Fungus:

If artificial growth or cultivation of the fungus is required, then all those used for bacteria are useless because the food requirements of the fungus are completely different, it grows slowly and the appropriate media for this is Sabouraud’s medium. Key growth is usually visible after two weeks.

  • When growth occurs on the culture medium, the type of fungus is identified by its pharma logy.
  • A loop is taken from the growth and placed on a slide, a drop of lactophenol blue is mixed with the loop, and microscopically examined through a glass slide.

A Few Ways:

Germs Test Tube:

In this process, a test is done for CANADIDA. A test tube is taken in which about 1/2 cc of serum is taken and the fungus colony is dissolved in it. This colony should be the one obtained after 24 hours of growth. Now, this tube is kept at 32% for 2 hours, and a drop is taken from it and placed on a glass slide a cover slip is observed under a microscope for long filaments that come out from the yeast cell.

This method is simple in that a fungal smear is prepared and gram-stained because Candida is gram-positive.

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