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Teratospermia is also called Teratozoospermia. Teratospermia is a disease in this condition abnormality occurs in the shape and size of sperms. Teratozoospermia or Teratospermia is a condition that affects male fertility due to abnormal morphology of sperms. Abnormal morphology of the sperm, means sperm are not able to move or swim properly. On the other hand, abnormal sperm are unable to fertilize with the male egg, which can cause infertility.

Types Of Teratospermia:

  • Mild Teratospermia (100% to 14% sperms Normal]
  • Moderate Teratospermia (5% to 9% sperm normal)
  • Severe Teratospermia (Less than 5% sperm normal)

Diagnosis Of Teratospermia:

  1. Semen staining with methylene blue
  2. Semen Routine examination
Teratospermia, Azoospermia

Causes Of Teratospermia:

Treatment of Teratospermia:

If you have some causes and symptoms then always concern with a skin specialist or physician for treatment of Teratospermia and must follow the doctor’s instructions:

  • Changes lifestyle healthy
  • Take balance diet
  • Avoid the use of alcohol and smoking
  • Use of vitamin E
  • Use fish (omega-3 fatty acids)
  • IUI AND IVF treatment
  • Carnitine must be consumed to improve fertility
  • Use food rich in anti-oxidants amino acids etc.

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