Lipase Blood TestLipase Blood Test

Lipase Blood Test

Lipase Blood Test is a blood test that measure the amount of lipase. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down fat and it breaks down at a specific point to form alcohol and fatty acid. Lipase partially hydrolyzes dietary triglyceride, and accelerates the reaction, also long chain fatty acids are formed. The activity of lipase enzyme is specific for fatty acids only.


  • Concentration lipase is found in the following places:
  • In the stomach
  • In the small intestine
Lipase Blood Test

Is This Test Have Other Name:

Blood Lipase, Serum Lipase, Lipase Level

How The Test Performed:

A Blood Sample Needed.

Clinical Interpretation:

Measuring lipase is specific to pancreas disease only. If the amount of lipase exceeds the normal amount, it occurs in various disorders,

  1. Duodenal ulcer
  2. In diseases of the pancreas
  3. perforated ulcer
  4. In inflammatory bowel disease
  5. In acute cholecystitis

Source of error:

Serum lipase is very stable and loses very little at room temperature and can be stored for up to 3 weeks.


Normal Value of Lipase is upto 200 IU/L.

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