Blood Smear

Blood Smear

Blood Smear, Blood bar A drop of blood is obtained to prepare a smear. It is placed on a slide that is clean and not greasy. It is prepared specially.

To prepare a thin blood smear:

  • Take a clean and grease-free slide.
  • Take another slide to spread the blood.
  • Obtain a drop of blood from the earlobe on a slide. Apart from this, a drop of blood can also be obtained from a finger prick. Obtain blood using a finger prick.
  • Place the second slide at level 30. Now spread the blood on the second slide with its help as much as possible.
  • A fine smear is required for RBC morphology or the differential count. For this use the slide from right to left to spread the maximum. Move it quickly to get the best smear.
  • An excellent smear does not have streaks but forms a smooth film.

To prepare a thick smear:

A thick smear is used to detect the malaria parasite. For this, a large drop of blood is placed in the middle of the slide instead of on one side. The blood is then drawn through a needle or the edge of a slide. It is spread over a space of one and a half inches. Now it is allowed to dry. This is called a thick smear.

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