T-T Test Thrombin Time

T-T Test Thrombin Time test detects the clotting time of plasma when Bovine thrombin or human thrombin (Enzyme reagent) is added. Bovine or human Coverts fibrinogen into fibrin helping plasma to clot. This test measures the time it takes for a fibrin Clot to form in the plasma of a blood sample.

Purpose of T-T Test:

This test is used to diagnose DIC (Disseminated intravascular coagulation). This test is used to diagnose hepatic disease and fibrinogen deficiency. Effectiveness of thrombolytic drugs or heparin therapy.

T-T Test Thrombin Time

Causes of High T-T Test:

Causes OF LOW T-T Test:

Normal Value Of T-T Test:

Thrombin Test 10 to 14 Seconds, and may bmaybeo 21 Seconds.

Prolonged time is suggestive of fibrinogen deficiency, abnormal fibrinogen structure or inhibition of thrombin by fibrinogen degradation products or heparin.

Symptoms OF T-T Test:

  • Painful muscle spasms and stiff immovable muscles (muscle rigidity) in your jaw.
  • The tension of muscle around your lips painful spasms and rigidity in your neck muscles.
  • Difficulty Swallowing, Rigid abdominal muscles.

Abnormal Clotting:

Others Name of T-T Test:

T-T test Also called Thrombin Time Test.

How to performed:

Blood Sample need, Thrombin Clotting Time, Plasma Thrombin Time.

T-T Test Thrombin Time


  • Collect 3 to 5 ml blood 3.2% Sodium citrate Tube also called Blue top tube.
  • Centrifuge the blood sample.
  • After separating the plasma from the whole blood by centrifugation, bovine thrombin is added to the sample of plasma.
  • Clot formation is detected optically or mechanically by a coagulation instrument.
  • The time between the addition of the thrombin and that clot formation is recorded as the thrombin clotting time.

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